What if you could eat healthier without giving up the foods you love?

Now you can!

Our nutrition program helps you:

  • Still Eat the Foods You Love
  • Stay on Budget
  • Keep a Delicious Menu
  • Still Dine at your Favorite Restaurants
  • Maintain Realistic Weight Management
  • See the Results of Healthy Living

Our on-staff nutritional counselor and registered dietitians will customize a nutrition program to fit your lifestyle. Unlike the one-size-fits-all philosophy of many national weight-loss plans, at Genesis Fitness & Wellness we believe that everyone is different.

With an initial consultation in your home we will assess your kitchen and daily routines and create a healthy eating plan that is easier for you to maintain — whether you’re making meals at home or eating at your favorite local brew pub.


  • Review of Past & Present Eating Habits
  • At-Home Menu Planning & Meal Prep
  • Grocery Store Navigation & Shopping
  • Nutritional Counseling & Goal Setting
  • Pantry Evaluation & Restocking
  • Restaurant Navigation
  • Complete Meal Prepping
  • Removal from Destructive Hot Buttons
  • On-Going Nutritional Tracking
man preparing broccoli

Healthy living begins at home, and with the help from Genesis Fitness & Wellness FITWELL Nutrition Program you’ll be on your way to eating right and staying fit. Healthy Eating = Better Living.

We understand that eating healthy isn’t always easy.

That’s why we believe the key to successful weight management and overall good health is an everything in moderation approach. We’ll examine your current eating habits and create a healthy nutritional plan and a better lifestyle that will be easier to maintain long-term.