By staying active and healthy, aging adults can preserve the confidence and self esteem that comes from maintaining independence.

Custom, at-home fitness for seniors

At Genesis Fitness & Wellness, we specialize in helping people of all ages and fitness levels live better by moving more. Specializing in clients who are over the age of fifty, we bring completely customized workouts to your home at your convenience. You don’t need any special equipment: we bring it all to you. Our focus is on helping people find enjoyment in being active, addressing any physical and lifestyle imbalances that may be keeping them from experiencing a greater quality of life.

We know that getting started on your fitness journey can be intimidating, so our nationally certified and insured trainers are gentle, compassionate, and experienced in dealing with a wide range of physical conditions. We know that traditional fitness centers can be daunting. We understand the hurdles. To overcome them, we provide in-home training so that you can feel comfortable in your surroundings and focus on what’s important: your health.

Working with clients from the ages of ten to ninety, our professional trainers can develop a routine that gets you active and yields results. So, if you’re a senior seeking to improve your health and fitness level or a child of a senior looking to help mom or dad maintain their strength and mobility, the team at Genesis Fitness & Wellness can help!

Every day we meet business professionals, working parents, moms with active children and/or newly retired individuals who are trying to be fit and healthy but are just missing one or two components to be successful. Because our trainers come to you in your own personal environment (whether at home or work), we have a much better feel for your health habits, your exercise needs and where you might be getting off track. The right combination of exercise, nutrition and mental health can increase energy, mental clarity, cognitive function and your overall mood — making you feel great! We get to the heart of your individual needs and get all aspects of working together to ensure long-term success.

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