A State of Michigan Massage Therapist and Cranial Sacral Specialist.  With over a decade of extensive experience in a Physiatry Specialty office serving complicated serious injury clients, Kim has expertise that includes; quadriplegia, paraplegia, amputee, Rods/Pin/Fusions, implants, ports, brain injury, migraine, PTSD, Autism, Cancer, Hospice, Hope Network, grief, pre/post operation readiness, Lymph work, couples and prenatal care.  She also has additional Upledger Institute training in cranial sacral therapy.  She uses numerous modalities/devices such as Glide Cupping, Sound Energy and is a Reiki Master.  She has experience in Medi-Spa, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy offices.  Kimberly is grounded, positive and works gently to achieve relaxing results.