Personal Trainer

Steph is one of our busiest and most diverse trainers.  When she is not training clients in home or at the gym, she assists with managing our social media sites, and works in a downtown restaurant that specializes in fresh, local food.  Her favorite ways to keep fit are trail running, swimming, and hiking.  Her aspirations in Health & Fitness are to work with adolescents who need help implementing and maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

  • American Council on Exercise Youth Fitness Specialist

  • Bachelor in Communication


Personal Trainer/Masssage Therapist

Forrest graduated from the Institute of Massage Education and is dedicated to his trade and clients.  He is also pursuing an athletic training degree to further deepen his understanding of the body and how to address the most specific concerns and injuries.  With all of his experience and training,  he is able to help a wide variety of clients with their fitness and rehabilitation needs.  He has received specialized training in Swedish, Myofascial Release, Accupressure, Reflexology and Craniosacral Therapy.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • Institute of Massage Education

  • Licensed LMT

  • Associated Bodywork & Massage Professional


Personal Trainer

Being an overweight child, teenager and young adult helped influence Lucy to pursue a career in health and wellness.  After losing 40 pounds and adapting to a healthier lifestyle, Lucy decided to help others find the same success.  She believes that with motivation, dedication and proper direction, everyone has the ability to achieve their ideal goals.  Lucy will support and challenge you while helping you find a routine that you truly enjoy.

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

  • American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

James has worked with individuals ranging from stroke survivors to division one collegiate athletes.  Regardless of the client, James is driven to help them reach their potential.  His background in athletic training is the perfect combination when addressing injuries, working around them and creating an approach to wellness that will keep his clients motivated and confident with their program.

  • Bachelor of Athletic Training

  • BOC Certified Athletic Trainer


Personal Trainer

Deb is a proud mother to 5 amazing kids.  She has been a life-long running enthusiast competing in countless marathons and half-marathons.  She is also an avid bodybuilder and is training to compete in her first bodybuilding competition.  Deb is excited to share her passion for healthy eating, physical fitness and remaining active throughout life with others.  Having had 5 children and working through many injuries, Deb believes that nothing is impossible when striving to reach ones fitness goals.  Deb's passion is inspiring and motivating others to reach new fitness heights.

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

  • Group Fitness Instructor


Personal Trainer

Darius was introduced to martial arts at the age of three years old, and was introduced to fitness a few years later.  He's been passionate about both since childhood and now is a black belt in two different martial arts and has trained everyone from pro athletes to new mothers and post bariatric surgery clients.  Currently is the strength and condition coach of the Kalamazoo Rage Semi-pro foot ball team, teaches kids karate and is a full time personal trainer.  He feels blessed to live out both of his passions and share them with you.


Personal Trainer

Jillian started her career as a certified personal trainer in 2007. In her spare time she enjoys running, home decorating, and woodworking. Her passion for fitness and wellness began in 2004, when she discovered her love for running. Since then, she has participated in many half marathons and placed in countless 5k races. She has helped many of her peers to achieve their own fitness goals along the way. She found participating in their lifestyle changes to be so rewarding, that she knew she must build a career out of it to reach more people who are eager to better their lives. She believes that establishing a lifestyle with healthy motivation, wholesome eating habits, and a good variety of consistent and well-directed exercise, everyone can achieve their goals and become the very best versions of themselves.

  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

Don is a former champion powerlifter who has over 45 years of lifting and training experience.  Don has worked with a variety of age groups, from teens to the elderly.  He enjoys focusing on a variety of different fitness goals, whether it be weight gain or loss, toning, definition, strength, power, improved balance, stability, coordination or preparing for specific sports.

  • ISSA Elite Fitness Trainer

  • ISSA Nutrition Specialist

  • ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Personal Trainer

Longtime Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, Angela has years of fitness experience and is
one of the most enthusiastic Personal Trainers and Fitness professionals around. Energetic,
passionate, and driven toward results, Angela helps her clients achieve their goals using a
well-rounded approach focusing on strength training. Her passion is helping her clients change
their lifestyles to become healthier and more fit than they have ever been. “Knowing that my
kids see how I have changed my body and health, and that they are also living an active and
healthy lifestyle is so important!”
1 Corinthians 6:19 Your body is your temple from God!
“Take care of it!”

  • Group Exercise Instructor

  • PiYo, Zumba, RIPPED and more


Personal Trainer

Molly is a Personal Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, she has been helping people become healthier and stronger for 9 years. She has experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels and enjoys educating others about the importance of functional strength, injury prevention, and biomechanics through not only strength disciplines, but also Pilates and yoga principles.

  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Peak Pilates Trainer

  • Tivity Senior Fitness

  • Zumba Instructor

  • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified


Personal Trainer

Mark is in his final semester, pursuing a degree in Exercise Science from Western Michigan University.  His passion for health and fitness began while playing collegiate soccer for the University of St. Francis.  With his experience as a college athlete, Mark decided to hone his skills at helping others achieve and surpass their own goals.  While personal training and being licensed to teach CPR/AED and First Aid, Mark will continue on in the Masters program in Exercise Physiology and plans to earn his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

  • Pursuing ACSM-CPT

  • American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid

  • F45 Instructor


Personal Trainer

Sports are what started Kara's love for fitness! High school and collegiate athletics are what made her realize the importance of strength training and healthy eating habits.

Her wealth of knowledge grew when she became a parent and began navigating the importance of a balanced lifestyle. 

A year long recovery from a running injury is what "sealed the deal on fitness as a career". 

Kara has a passion for helping and encouraging her clients on their fitness journey.  It's never too late to start something new!

  • Bachelor of Science,  Western Michigan University


Registered Dietitian

Robin is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, earning a Certificate in Dietetics from Loyola University in Chacago and a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Iowa State University.  She worked in Corporate Wellness for many years and honed her skills as a dietitian through one-on-one patient counseling in a variety of in-patient and out-patient clinical settings.  Robin believes that health starts in the kitchen with whole foods and the company of family and friends around the dinner table.  She also loves staying active, especially running.  Her favorite being training for marathons!  Robin is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their individual goals to live ther best life.

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

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